App URL migration tool available

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 at 8:11 PM

We're glad to announce the availability of the app URL migration tool. There are instances when you need to change the URL for your app XML file - this tool will help you do this without affecting existing users of your app.

In order to use the tool, here are some requirements -
1. You must have claimed ownership of the existing app.
To claim ownership of an app, visit
2. You be logged in with the account with which you claimed ownership.
3. The existing app must be a featured app on Orkut.
4. The new application URL must NOT have been used as an app on ANY google container -- including orkut, iGoogle, etc.
Note: This is very important, otherwise the migrate request will fail. It is recommended that you create an absolutely new and unique URL when migrating. Unfortunately, this also means that you cannot test the new app URL on sandbox before issuing a migrate request.

Steps to use the tool -
1. Visit
2. Type in your existing app url and the new URL to migrate to.
3. Check the exisiting and new app URLs. (see attached screen shot)
4. Double check - (you really don't want a typo in the new URL).
5. Hit the submit button.
6. A migration confirmation message will appear.
7. The migration changes will propagate through caches and will be live in 24 hours.
Caution: If you use the same existing app URL on any other google property, this migration request will have an effect on the other property.