Announcing view parameters from OS templates

Monday, May 25, 2009 at 12:44 AM

We're glad to announce support for view parameters in osx:NavigateToApp. Using view parameters you can customize your canvas page view based on what the user clicked on the profile view.

Here's how you can use view parameters from OS templates in profile view.
<osx:NavigateToApp params="{a:b}">Goto Canvas</osx:NavigateToApp>

You can get the view params in canvas page as before.
var prefs = gadgets.views.getParams();
if (prefs['a'] = 'b') {....

This is currently available on and will be available on in a few weeks. Since this is an important feature, we are extending the deadline for existing apps on profile view to make the switch to templates to 15th June, 2009. After that date, all apps not using templates will be removed from profile view.