requestSendMessage now in production

Thursday, June 26, 2008 at 12:25 PM

After several weeks of testing on the sandbox, the opensocial.requestSendMessage method, which enables users to send messages to other users straight from your application, has made its way to

This method has a quota of 10 invocations per user, per day. This means that a user can use the send message functionality 10 times per day across all apps. If a user enters multiple people in the 'to' field, that counts as a single invocation. Once a user reaches his or her quota, invoking requestSendMessage will result in a 'limitExceeded' error. If this happens, orkut will notify the user that their message wasn't sent.

For a recap of how to use this method, refer to this previous post. As always, please send us feedback in the orkut developer forum and report any issues in the public issue tracker.

Update: Clarified details around users exceeding their quota.