Update on the launch rollout plan

Friday, April 4, 2008 at 10:09 AM

Amar Gandhi, Group Product Manager

We've discovered and fixed numerous bugs during prelaunch testing and have been working on a number of UI improvements based on developer and user feedback. You will be able to see these changes on the sandbox soon.

The launch rollout will occur in two stages. We will first make apps available to 10% of users. Once we have determined that the platform is working well, we will make an update to the directory and continue rolling out to the rest of orkut users.

Before the first stage of the rollout, we'll contact developers who submitted their apps by 2/15 so we can include their apps in the first stage and will make available a new submission page where anyone can submit his/her app. We will add these submitted apps to the directory on a first come, first serve basis before and during the first stage.

Stay tuned for new developer guidelines and the new submission page. One week before we begin the first stage of the rollout, we will announce it here and link to the new submission page so everyone has time to prepare.