Upcoming changes to signed makeRequest parameter names

Wednesday, March 26, 2008 at 1:05 PM

When a gadget initiates a signed makeRequest call on an OpenSocial container, the OpenSocial specification indicates that the container should include certain pieces of information if available, such as the OWNER and VIEWER IDs. What the spec does not define, however, is the parameter key under which these values must be passed.

Because of this, MySpace currently passes the parameters under the keys opensocial_viewer_id and opensocial_owner_id, while orkut uses opensocial_viewerid and opensocial_ownerid. This means that developers writing applications intended to run in both MySpace and orkut must include conditional server code to check for different parameter names, depending on where the request originates.

Sometime in the next few days, orkut will be implementing a simple fix for this problem so that applications have an easier time working across both containers. When the fix goes live, orkut's sandbox will start sending opensocial_viewer_id and opensocial_owner_id parameters when making signed requests. If you are currently validating signed requests on the sandbox, you will need to change your code.

We will post again before the fix is pushed with an exact time that this change will take place. For the time being, please make the appropriate changes to your code to prepare for the new orkut parameter names. Thankfully, this should be a simple change for most developers.

For more information, see this post in the OpenSocial and gadgets specification discussion group.