J2Play– helping to make your applications more social

Monday, January 26, 2009 at 11:43 AM

We're constantly looking for ways to help you create the best applications for orkut users. The success of OpenSocial applications on the orkut platform is often tied to how social they are. Recently, we were contacted by the folks at J2Play about a tool they are offering that's designed to add social elements to your apps. While we don't specifically endorse the tools that we highlight here in the blog, we thought enough of you might be interested in this resource that it would be worth sharing. Check it out:

J2Play's Social Games Platform

J2Play's Social Games Platform helps flash and PC game developers quickly and easily add social features to their games. Here are some highlights of the platform:

  • Over seven simple social features (including chat, profiles, and comments) that you can add to your app without having to worry about any additional coding
  • Ability for your app to automatically generate feeds, notifications, invites, and a profile box
  • Membership in the J2Play social games network, designed to help your app spread virally
  • More than five engagement features including leaderboards, player badges, challenges, multi-player mode, and the ability to earn money via ad revenue

FancyPants Adventure is just one example of a game that used the J2Play platform to add features like leaderboards and player badges in order to become more social and in turn create a richer and more engaging experience for its users. Check out a screenshot to see these additions in action:

To learn more about J2Play, take a look at the developer wiki they've created. You can also feel free to contact the folks at J2Play with any additional questions you might have at: developer@j2play.net.

Do you have tools, tips or tricks that you think other developers could benefit from? If so, please feel free to let us know.

Hope you found this post informative, and we're looking forward to seeing your apps become even more social!

Posted by Miles Johnson, Marketing Manager.