Getting to know the orkut users: Browser Usage

Wednesday, March 5, 2008 at 11:36 AM

Lane LiaBraaten

The orkut user base is an expressive and lively bunch. Knowing how users interact with orkut (and each other) will help you improve the reliability and user experience of your apps. In this first installment of the "Getting to know orkut users" series, let's take a look at what browsers people are using to access orkut.

The overwhelming majority of orkut users are using Internet Explorer. About 85% of visits come from IE. Of those visits, roughly two-thirds of users are using IE6, and the other third is using IE7. The Firefox users, which account for 14% of visits, are almost all using Firefox 2, with about 1% of them using version 1.5 and 1% using version 3. Safari, Opera and Mozilla account for 1% of orkut visits combined.

The orkut team ensures that all features work great on IE6, IE7 and FF2. Testing your apps in these browsers will help ensure that the vast majority of orkut users will be able to use your apps.

* URL for pie chart:,28.0,15.0,2.0&chs=400x125&chl=Internet%20Explorer%206|Internet%20Explorer%207|Firefox%202|Other