AppData limits live on the orkut sandbox

Thursday, March 20, 2008 at 4:19 PM

We recently implemented AppData limits in the orkut sandbox, whereby applications will now be limited to 10KB of storage per user of the app.

Here's how AppData limits are implemented:
  • The limit includes the sum of all your AppData values and keys. If you store the string "bar" under the key "foo", both "foo" and "bar" will be counted against the limit.
  • The limit is based on raw text size and does not take compression into account.
  • Even though app data is now html escaped, this escaping occurs after retrieval, so your data will be stored unescaped.
  • Orkut stores characters as UTF-8. This means that characters will normally be 1 byte, but can be up to 4 bytes long.
  • You can now clear AppData keys by setting their value to an empty string (""). This will erase both the key and the value.
  • When you go over this limit, the update query will fail with an error code of opensocial.ResponseItem.Error.FORBIDDEN and the message "AppData size quota exceeded."