Internet Explorer issues fixed on the sandbox

Wednesday, February 20, 2008 at 10:53 PM

Posted by Lane LiaBraaten, Developer Programs

We just pushed some new code to the sandbox that fixes the IE issues.
As an added bonus, the MyApps page is now rendering the thumbnail and description specified in your app's ModulePrefs element, resolving this issue.

One side effect from this update is that if you're using the gadgets.views package, you'll need to include <Require feature="views"/> in the <ModulePrefs> of your gadget. This is because the "views" package is not part of the Gadgets Core API, as shown in the Gadgets API Reference

To all the developers in India and Brazil, we hope you have a productive Thursday. To all the developers in US, the night is still young!

If you encounter any new issues, please file them in the public issue tracker and, while you're there, star the issues that you think are important. This will help the orkut team prioritize what features and fixes to focus on.