Activity streams now available on the sandbox

Monday, February 25, 2008 at 5:51 PM

We pushed a small update to the sandbox today that will allow the activities you've created to show up in the orkut UI (fixing issue 57). You can view activity updates from your friends by clicking the "updates" link on the left navigation menu, or in the "updates from my friends" section of your orkut home page. You can also view your own activity stream by clicking "my updates" on either of those pages.

Note that activities with identical titles are currently treated as duplicates and only shown once. Until we change this behavior, you can just add a timestamp to your activities to make them unique.

If you want to play around with activities, try installing this sample app. You can use the app to post activities with links, images, embedded videos, and more. Want to post activities from your own app? Check out the source code for some example code.